ME Venture-Hire Me

  • Bhubaneswar, India
  • E-commerce

Scouts,HRs,Candidates,CEOs,@59.Rating, all comes in one basket that too f-o-c maybe!

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

the team consist of three main pillars and few employees
Anjani Shivam- He is the founder and CEO of company with a motto to bring a service that could change life and disrupt any existing competition.
Sudhakar kumar- He is CTO of the company who can give anything to bring a project online.
Naveen Kumar,Anshu Singh,Noor Nawaz Ahmad-Employee


Product/Service Summary

Hire Me is an start-up aiming to bring together colleges,companies and students on unique single e-platform without the involvement of any third party.The aim of the start-up is bridge the information gap and bring organization to most unorganized sectors through direct communication and interaction thence developing a better chance of employment.

How are we different?

We do not believe that we are different we believe we are one version of our own.We are unique because we have found solution to our own problems and maybe a million mores.We are no like wise"of already existing .coms".Our service has in its very root a passion to bring change at least of cost and at most parts free.We are the Doers!Believers!.

Product/Service Descriptions