• Chandigarh, India
  • Social ImpactNGO, Pets & Animals, Grocery, E-commerce

Selling pet ,pet groceries & products as on day delivery, services and creating social impacts


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Team Summary

Initially the team 2 members
1. Chitto Broto Goswami (pursuing computer science engineering from AP Goyal Shimla university) - founder and web developers also started up techsahukeens, initially working with quizzora and selected at DHI Labs impact chapter 2016 for startup idea.

2. Srijana chettri ( pursuing BBA from inspiria knowledge campus, Siliguri) - co-founder and marketing specialist,
cleared CS foundation level,
Student at National entrepreneurship network.


Founding Team

Chitto Broto Goswami


Product/Service Summary

Homapet is an online platform which totally focuses on providing most customer Friendly services like
1. On Day Delivery for groceries and some selected products,
2. Notification alert for next vaccination and medication,
3.Providing necessary details about veterinary doctors, dog trainers details nearby.
4. Adoption and donations for pet animals.
5. Also the Homapet will be collaborating with NGOs for spreading awareness and raising funds for pets suffering chronic diseases.

Product/Service Descriptions