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We perform Home Inspections - helping Indian house buyers save time, money and prevent frustration

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Team Summary

B.R Nagaraj - Chairman, 28 Years plus experience, in the following areas Projects and Construction Management , EHS & Compliance, Asset Management , Budgeting and Financials , Workplace Services, Administration & Security

Vivek, CBO, 15+ years of experience (Sales & Marketing professional across product engineering, fashion, apparel & manufacturing sectors, Entrepreneurship),

Ramakrishna Yarlapati, Non-Executive Director, 24+ Years of experience, Enterprise product innovations, Managing large development teams across Geographies, Entrepreneur.

Vijay Kumar P, Product, 17+ years of experience (Entrepreneurship, Solution Architecture, Capital Markets),

Vish Chandramohan, Managing Member - North American subsidiary, 13 yrs of consulting engineering and project management experience in the US commercial construction industry, expertise in Fire Protection & Life Safety, and Mechanical systems,

Sudhindra Naib, CEO, 15 years experience (Project management, Entrepreneurship), 2 patents held, Serial Entrepreneur


Founding Team

Sudhindra Naib


Product/Service Summary

HomeInspeKtor does the following: Introduce and establish Home Inspection (HI) as an accepted practice in India to objectively check and report on home quality
Provide employment opportunities for people to become well trained home inspectors
Launch HI marketplace where home inspectors and home buyers can be connected and transact with each other

Product/Service Descriptions