• Mumbai, India
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Homely helps over 700+ customers access authentic homemade food within their neighborhood.

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Team Summary

Vikrant, an alumnus of D.J. Sanghvi, COE has led nationwide launch of Chotukool at Godrej Innovation Centre. Siddharth is a tech enthusiast,and a pro Java software developer. Prakash had his own hyperlocal logistics company, which he sold off after 1 year of operation. Apurva, an IIT Kharagpur graduate, was an financial analyst with Barclays.


Product/Service Summary

Homely, is a platform to access simple authentic homemade food. It is a kind of UBER for homemade with a hyper local model.We partner with the best home cooks in particular locality, whom we call 'Yummakers', who want to extend their food warmth beyond their own families. It's the same food what they cook for their own kids!

How are we different?

1. Disruption of food industry, instead of mass production & mass selling, our food is prepared in very limited quantity, much more personalised, infused with Mom's warmth. Distributed food production.

2. Directly delivered from Chef's kitchen fresh

3. Authentic homemade served, its the same food what our homemakers cook for their own kids.

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