• Delhi, India
  • Big Data, Services, Communication, offline digital media, SaaS

Provide location and proximity based content while in store without the need of internet services.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Ambuj Bhog (CDO): The youngest of the lot has a decent experience in application designing at the age of 16. He is a Student of Venkateshwar International School.
Harmeet Singh Virdi (CTO): Our in house coder pursuing Computer Engineering from GTBIT, New Delhi has been the backbone of the software end of the product.
Shivam Chandok (COO): An undergraduate student pursuing Bachelors in Engineering from NSIT, New Delhi in Electronics & Communication(ECE). He is the questioner.
Shray Arora (CEO): An undergraduate student pursuing Bachelors in Engineering from NSIT, New Delhi in ECE.
Shrey Malhotra (CPO): Also, an undergraduate student pursing Physics Hons. from St. Stephen’s College. Researching and solving small technical problems has been his identity in the mix.
Siddharth Sehgal (CMO): He has been an avid traveller and observer of various market segments we are dealing with. Not to mention the sources he bring in with the level of networking he has already done at the age.


Founding Team

Shivam Chandok


Product/Service Summary

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) hardware installed at various points to provide proximity based relevant data to the user through mobile application platform.When a mobile device comes into the range (usually 30 metres) of the BLE device, a notification is sent to the user, and that notification can be customised to broadcast relevant information and know the exact location of the user (through RSSI value). However the BLE data transmission is a ONE-WAY Communication. So, to turn it into a TWO-WAY Communicating system for even better experience we’ve come up with an advanced network to create possibilities of more effective connectivity. The major revenue source for the company would be the service based revenues and no upfront costs for the business vendors.
Also known as Software and Hardware As A Service (SHAAS). Much like data service providers charge their customers for their continued services.

Product/Service Descriptions