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HOPE is a pen product for students writing entrance exams to save over 10 minutes in a single exam.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

HOPE has two young student entrepreneurs at the helm, both bringing oodles of passion, desire and dedication with them into this company.
As the CEO of HOPE, we have Yogesh Suresh, who is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Telecommunication Engineering. Driven by his desire to create a change in today’s world and to leave a mark on the global stage, this startup stems from his personal inconvenience of not being able to finish his entrance exams on time, thereby wanting to improve status quo. He has interned as a Sales & Marketing consultant for many renowned firms.
Mueez Ahmed, the COO of the company, is graduating this year with a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering & Management. He also holds a specialization in Operations & Supply Chain Management. He recently finished his internship with automobile giant Ashok Leyland where he developed and implemented an inventory model for the company which resulted in the reduction in capital lockup of over $2100/day.


Founding Team

Yogesh Suresh


Mueez Ahmed


Product/Service Summary

Hitech OMR Pen for Exams is a pen product that we intend to offer a pen product to students writing entrance exams to save time. At least 50 lakh students write entrance exams every year in India, and currently, they spend 20 minutes in a 3 hour entrance exam to just mark their answers on an OMR Sheet full of bubbles.
In a competitive world where the race is on for students writing entrance exams, this product aims to save around 10 minutes in a single exam by filling the OMR sheet bubbles in one go instead of wasting time colouring it. This is achieved by the pen using dual functionality i.e. it writes from the front end, and stamps from the rear end.
Constant innovations like an OMR pen for exams are only a part of the bigger solution which includes a digital stylus & a custom interface for online examinations, a one-stop solution for coaching institutes,etc. We want to be the world’s leading contributor to a better future, and we believe that the future is in our schools & colleges.

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