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Hostelers is a online service platform for mainly students to find PG/HOSTELS and TIFFIN CENTERS while locating into a new city

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To stop students from roaming across streets | Rajasthan patrika

Students can get access to hostels across city with photographs and room pricing details. It is meticulously created authentic database.

Jun 11, 2015


All hostels in one click. | Dainik Bhaskar, Kota

All hostels in Kota would be in reach of students by a click. Hostelers has so far listed 1200+ hostels and 50+ tiffin centers.

Hostelers is a joint venture by IIT Alumni who left jobs to provide a unique platform for people.

Jun 04, 2015


Team Summary

Hostelers is a ramification of the horrible, tiresome and unsuccessful experiences of finding Paying guest accommodation during our experiences in Vadodara, Chennai, Delhi & Pune despite all the mega online platform in those cities. Everyone had been a hostelers at one point in life. Everyone had nightmares to locate a desirable PG/Hostel and Tiffin center while moving into a new city, especially if the search hunt begins in peak summer. Everyone had issues to settle out with brokers. Everyone had frustration to locate hostels within the city. So we, ex- disgruntled hostelers, made a platform for the like of us.

We believe it’s not just about technology or product or generating some random listings. It’s about the root level work coupled with the rightful and needful technology, which is the need of hour. It’s time to end the grilling process that every hosteler went through. It’s time to harness new methods and simplify the way India searches. It’s time to revolutionize the world of Hostelers like never before.

We are a bunch of passionate and energetic IIT Alumni, who are crazy to channelize the searching process and making the rental market more efficient.


Founding Team

Ashish Garg

Deepak Dubey

Deepak Dubey

Mohish maheshwari

Mohish maheshwari


Startup Leadership Program (2014 - present)
Fellow (2014 - present)

Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets (2012 - 2013)
Senior Associate


IIT (BHU), Varanasi
B.Tech • 2008 - 2012

Product/Service Summary

Hostelers is a online service platform to help students find -

1. PG//Hostels
2. Tiffin centers

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