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Hottte News presents the crispy news & updates with an unmatched visual content, saving user's time.

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Team Summary

Our four-member team comprises Abdul Raghman A, handling the Technical section, Vignesh Eswaramoorthy, handling the Content section, N.Vinu, handling the Content Design, and myself, Sathesh Kumar M, Founder and handling R&D section.


    • Vinu N

    • Design Engineer

Product/Service Summary

Hottte is Nation's top online curated photojournalism platform for latest news and trends. Stories are captured in a slideshow to convey the latest news, devoid of scrolling and searching. Curated news content combined with Photo slideshow more reliable to the reader. Hottte curated content is a consumable story to read within seconds.

How are we different?

Unlike other media houses which give automated summaries, Hottte's Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is manually curated photo content, which is clear-cut and consumable. User experience is made better with Photojournalist aspects and no longer required to read the lengthy paragraphs. Hottte, also induces the reasoning powers in daily life.

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