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A #StartUp destined to shake up the #FoodTech by hiring your own #PersonalChef on a hourly basis.

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Team Summary

Our team pretty much small .We are just a seven member team .Myself Arasu Ramachandran graduated from Hindustan University and have work experience of over seven years managing people.and Sheeju Raju who has graduated from Bethlahem Institute of Engineering. and a team of five chefs who have expertise in traditional South Indian Cuisines.


Product/Service Summary

We intend to scale down the cost of your dining experiences without compromising the quality of food.at the convenience of your home.

The customers are paying per hour basis only and not on the number of menus and the number of guests.

We don't take a cut on the ingredients cost which would scale down the cost further.

How are we different?

Well we intend to bring the dining experience restaurants offers at the comfort of your home by allowing you to hire a chef on your own.

You can select from the list of the menus or choose your favorite dish.

We send a chef who meets the criteria to your home and he would be charged on hour basis irrespective on the no of menu you choose.

Product/Service Descriptions