Hello Tomorrow Magazine

  • Mumbai, India
  • Publishing, Print magazine, Digital Magazine

HTM is a monthly magazine for teenagers providing them with unique information and opportunity.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

At present i have not formed any team i have learned all the software's required for creating a magazine and designing it, i am a good writer so i have created a dummy magazine and showcased to potential target audience. I would form a suitable team (which would include writers and sales person) as soon as i get some funding.


Product/Service Summary

Hello tomorrow magazine is a print and digital magazine for Teenagers. Proper and timely information plays a very important role in development of any person, the core purpose of this magazine is to provide information which will be useful for the students in coming future. major strength of the magazine is its unique design and interactivity.

How are we different?

there are only few magazines serving this Niche and these magazine are highly fragmented with weak distribution. i have incorporated a strong and reliable distribution mechanism. Conventional design of magazine is boring for students so my magazine is very unique in design we have very affordable pricing of 300rs/ year compared to our competitors.

Product/Service Descriptions