Hungry Tongue

  • Gurgaon, India
  • Food Delivery

Hungry Tongue will be a tongue twister no doubt about it , we have ready with our future frame work


Startup Video



Team Summary

In management we will be four people who will lay all down the planning ,execution and Implementation part, the kitchen will be managed by the expert who have work experience of more than 10 years and he will handle the team of five workers , who will work closely as per his guidance, delivery staff and delivery van driver will complete the team


Product/Service Summary

we have a team of 4 , working together in MNC, have planned to serve breakfast and meals at offices ,as of now there is no better option , we will provide Quality food at affordable pricing and going ahead the services and hygiene will be far better than the existing vendor.

How are we different?

we will make a difference surely as this segment is not controlled by Big players and the small vendor not able to provide the Quality & Standards in affordable pricing we will offer, The mantra is a "BIG 0 (ZERO) compromise on Quality standards and going far ahead to delivery the stuff -Just In Time- to keep food real fresh and nutritious for all

Product/Service Descriptions