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  • Healthcare, E-commerce

Optimum solution to prevent Lifestyle diseases .63% of death globally due to lifestyle diseases - SOS

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Look to Future | The Hindu

Brief Article about Urjjaa appeared in the Hindu daily on 25th Aug, Metroplus


Urjjaa wins IAESP Award | IAESP on Youtube

Sreejith receives Award from former Governor & Cabinet Minister, Mr.Bishm Narain at Delhi - Urjjaa won the award for the "Most unique & Sustainable Preventive Healthcare Solution''


Employee Health Management | Indian Express daily

News coverage on the Meet jointly conducted by Kerala State Productivty Council and IBSC India Wellness Limited

New Product Release

Urjjaa partners with a leading Lab in Middle East to co-promote its product



Urjjaa to release Mobile App

Urjjaa all sets to release it's state of the Art mobile app for it's customers.



Team Summary

Our team consists of a right blend of technocrats, Medical professional and Management / finance professionals. Doctors & Paramedical staff were actively involved along with the technocrats to bring the concept from a theory stage into a fully evolved operational & business model. The members were complimenting each other quite perfectly.


    • Dr.Jayant Thomas, MD,DM

    • Chief Medical Advisor, Board of Directors

    • Part time

    • Raghesh G Menon

    • COO, Board of Directors

Product/Service Summary

Urjaa -Online Health Prognosis Portal - is a "Technology Enabled Sustainable Health Monitoring Solution” dedicated primarily to "Prevent Lifestyle Diseases" and to improve overall health vitality and longevity of a person - First of it's kind solution which is easily accessible,scalable and sustainable.. Patent App Ref.No.1664/CHE/2013

How are we different?

We are the only player who provides 360 degree Sustainable Preventive healthcare solution on a technology platform. Our unique system will provide predictive diagnosis (prognosis evaluation) and will showcase potential future lifestyle healthrisk graphs, remedial solution from doctors and sustaiinaility by nursing staff (health secretary)

Product/Service Descriptions