I Drive Safe

  • Bangalore, India
  • Mobile

Mobile technology to make your drive safe. We are re-imagining road safety and auto insurance.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

IDS is founded by Pallav Singh and Dinesh Fatehpuria. Pallav is a IIT Bombay graduate and worked a renewable energy consultant for 5 years. Dinesh is a enterprise mobility architect with ~5 years experience. The IDS team is mentored by Kunal Kislay, an IIT Bombay graduate with over 12 years of experience in enterprise mobility.


Founding Team

Pallav Singh


Product/Service Summary

IDS is mobile tech to solve the problem of road safety and save precious lives lost in accidents. Our business/revenue model is leveraging this to change the landscape of the auto insurance sector. IDS app starts automatically and minimises all distractions from mobiles. Calls/notifications are filtered but important calls reach the driver. In case of a crash, the app automatically detects it and informs our back-end team, who ensure right help reaches the victim as soon as possible.

Going forward we will be building mobile telematics application to create the driver's safety score and educate them on how to drive safe with personalized courses. This will be useful in further driving down accidents and reducing accidents.

Product/Service Descriptions