• Mumbai, India
  • Internet of Things, Enterprise

Digital communication company whose products beat the biggest boys on this planet ( HP, CIsco etc)

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Startup Video



Interview with Rakesh Galav, Founder I-Infinity | crazy enginners

It is a crazy story of crazy team of I-Infinity. We believe there is a plenty of opportunity for Indian companies to build great solutions.


How startup I-infinity managed to power digital signages on Mumbai locals | Yourstory

A story of making impossible 'Possible' by running a network controlled Digital Signage Network in Mumbai Local trains.


Team Summary

Founders have 55+ years of combined global experience in some of world's top organizations. With varied background in technology, business development and finance, we make an all round experience team. We are alumni of organizations including SVNIT,, CA Institute, NCCU Taiwan, Unilever, Nokia, Huawei etc.


Product/Service Summary

Today, people are looking for improving lifestyle :
Everything around us is becoming smarter :
Improving Safety & Security is need of hour:
Our vision is to make every home smarter & secure. Our solution comes at 10% of the cost of today's equivalent quality market solutions, It is retrofit so fits in even existing homes and people love our UI !

How are we different?

While there are many suppliers of Digital Signage Solutions, we have developed our solution that is smallest, smartest, most eco friendly and most user friendly in the whole world. This is just beginning, we are coming up with some other ground breaking technology solutions as we get our feet deeper in to the market.

Product/Service Descriptions