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A curriculum company imparting training and skill development in UX Design. Offline + online model of pedagogy. Boxed curriculum.

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Team Summary

The founders come with more than 7 years' experience in UX design. The team has worked with major e-commerce players, device manufacturers and app/platform players for UX design. The team has experience in UX design, UX sales, UX team building, learning pedagogy, sales, franchisee management and partner development.


Product/Service Summary

ImaginXP is focused at providing skill development in design. ImaginXP provides training and certification courses in User Experience(UX) Design. The company has developed UX focused curriculum for students and corporates. ImaginXP center is running at Pune and opening soon in Jaipur. Flagship course is for 3 months, shorter courses also available.

How are we different?

Driven by ImaginXP curriculum that inculcates class material, teacher manual, worksheets for each class and Assignment/Tests. Practice based pedagogy and experience at affordable fees. Tech driven education at ImaginXP centers, first movers advantage and growing demand in individual, corporate and colleges to train in UX design makes us different

Product/Service Descriptions