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We help SMB's to do new-age marketing including content creation to publishing, all via a mobile app


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Team Summary

Punit - Founder, PGP from IIM Ahmedabad (2011-13), Young IIMAverick, Marketing Summer intern at P&G in 2012. Rejected PPO from P&G to pursue entrepreneurship. Marketing head at SocialNoise since 2013.

V G Rao - CoFounder, PGP from IIM Ahmedabad (2011-13), IIT-KGP (Mechanical-09), Summer intern at NIF in 2012. Heads Biz. Develpmnt at SocialNoise.


Product/Service Summary

Impalz is a mobile app (Saas) that enables SMB's to do new-age marketing easily by enabling them to-
1. create consumer generated WOMM content in form of TinyReviews
2. create regular & engaging brand focused content
3. easily publish this content across social-media + SMS & Email marketing
4. create a auto-updating webpage & online listing

How are we different?

Every other competitor is solving the problem of publishing the content for the biz owner. But we aim to solve the most important problem of CREATION of CONTENT, and then helping them easily publish it across all touch-points & we help them not only create content from the brand side, but also generate consumer WOMM content in form of TinyReviews.

Product/Service Descriptions