Indian Hemp Association

  • Kolkata, India
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“The greatest service which can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.”


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Team Summary

A global team who is very well inspired by keeping its self updated on virtually all the latest research and developments to make things happen with perfection and care as chances of getting it right are always a blend of attitude and aptitude in the right amount..


Product/Service Summary

helping farmers reduce poverty we will be providing eCoHousing, high protein Food substitute, bio Plastic and various other products from our range of services to create a chain of sectors linked with farming and benefiting the economy of the country by using hemp,

How are we different?

we r creating hemp based economy Very different as we are recreating history and contributing a new meaning to the modern ear of Make in India, by growing in India before Making it in India, because the urgent need is to reduce our imports dependency and to contribute the growth of each individual who come across our story.

Product/Service Descriptions