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We are "Just In time" Procurement system for the Indian Construction Industry tapping USD 150 billion Industy.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



We are in the top 10 finalist of BITC Pilani's International Startup Conclave- Conquest 2016, who will be at ITC Maurya Delhi on 28th of August 2016. Be thereto see the world changing.

Aug 10, 2016


Indusbuzz : An Initiative that Focuses on Bringing in Just in Time for Construction Industry | Business World- BW Disrupt

Details about how we will move in the coming times

Jun 11, 2016


Indusbuzz : An Initiative that Focuses on Bringing in Just in Time for Construction Industry | Business World

How Indusbuzz is disrupting the B2B relations in the Construction industry and bringing in Just In Time Procurement processes.

Jun 11, 2016


Top 10 Kaun Banega Udyogpati: Finally the Hot Seats are Filled. | O Herald Goa

Indusbuzz was in the top ten Startups out of 630 startups in KBU held by CIBA Goa that pitched on the demo day and the only startup for the construction industry.

May 24, 2016


Kaun Banega Udyogpati: Finally The Hot Seats are full | O'Herald Goa

INDUSBUZZ reaches the top 10 startups after competing wth 650 Startups For over a month

May 10, 2016


Though idea was worked upon from June2014 but the team came together this March



New Product Release

Laaunching of the MVP- Procurement Module



Our first custumer was Construction developer from Pune & then from Goa


Media Coverage

1st coverage by winning best innovation in an offbeat sector by investronaut


Media Coverage

Indusbuzz in top 10 startups out of 630 startups at KBU from CIBA Goa.


Media Coverage

Featured at BW Disrupt by business world "Indusbuzz : Just In Time For Const."


Media Coverage

Selected as Top 50 out of 1200 startups in Conquest 2016 international conclave



Made a base of 700 Suppliers from Pune and Goa.



Team Summary

Sherin Thomas- CEO- PG in Construction management and a Civil Engineer by profession. A born leader, made this idea while working with Mantri Developers. Also worked in NBTC Kuwait as a planning engineer.

Subrata Banerjee- CTO- 7 year experience in website development, innovative, worked for 2 startups. Had his own startup previously. Singe handedly developed the whole website and now working on the aplication development.

Abhinav Raj- CMO- PG in Construction Management and knows marketing in and out. Also has the capability to sell anything anywhere. Work experience of 2 years and was last working with Krishna Constro as business development and contracts manager.


Product/Service Summary

INDUSBUZZ is a collaboration domain website, social networking when merged with e-commerce and B2B, combined with analytics of your business in construction field, whether be it any stake holder, brings in JIT (Just In Time) for the construction industry which eventually explodes business opportunities all over.

How are we different?

Being the irst movers into B2B Saas Sector for the cosntruction procurement it becomes an advantage for us to tap into the market. We are dedicated system for the construction industry people to procure material at the best deals. Every thing is recorded hence transparency is brought in with the useage of the module. this is the first platform where not only suppliers are listed and there business is brought in but the construction developers too have their own profiles which can be managed by multiple person at different sites andthe reports can be generated to the managers all in real time. Though we are a B2B Saas modue we will be available at not only the dextop version but also the website version. The mobile apps help us reach out at every possible sites.

Product/Service Descriptions