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With Quick-play on Inmusik, you hear best 7 seconds of 7 songs in a row and use gestures to collect

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Irish start-up Inmusik’s move to San Francisco hits right note as it raises $7m | Silicon Republic

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to collect $7m on the way … well, that’s the story of start-up Inmusik, which left Dublin a year ago and has now just raised $7m from Brand Capital, the venture wing of The Times Group in India

Feb 04, 2016


Team Summary

Steve Brett - CEO -A serial entrepreneur in the area of music with 12 years experience.
Kay Johansson - CTO - CTO for a $142m venture backed company. 20 years experience in audio/video streaming.
Robert Bowling - CMO - Responsible for the release of Call of Duty 3, setting the entertainment record grossing $1 Billion in 16 days.


    • Kay Johannson

    • CTO

    • Maret Eiland

    • Co-Founder, Head of Product

    • Robert Bowling

    • CMO

Product/Service Summary

Inmusik makes it possible for the talented music creators to be found, build a following and even support them all the way to ticketing their world tour.

It all starts with Quick-Play - Within a minute, we present you with 7 second snippets of uniquely curated music based on your taste.Swipe Left to throw away, Swipe Right to collect for today

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