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With Quick-play on Inmusik, you hear best 7 seconds of 7 songs in a row and use gestures to collect

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Irish start-up Inmusik’s move to San Francisco hits right note as it raises $7m | Silicon Republic

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to collect $7m on the way … well, that’s the story of start-up Inmusik, which left Dublin a year ago and has now just raised $7m from Brand Capital, the venture wing of The Times Group in India

Feb 04, 2016


Team Summary

Steve Brett - CEO -A serial entrepreneur in the area of music with 12 years experience.
Kay Johansson - CTO - CTO for a $142m venture backed company. 20 years experience in audio/video streaming.
Robert Bowling - CMO - Responsible for the release of Call of Duty 3, setting the entertainment record grossing $1 Billion in 16 days.


    • Kay Johannson

    • CTO

    • Maret Eiland

    • Co-Founder, Head of Product

    • Robert Bowling

    • CMO

Product/Service Summary

Inmusik makes it possible for the talented music creators to be found, build a following and even support them all the way to ticketing their world tour.

It all starts with Quick-Play - Within a minute, we present you with 7 second snippets of uniquely curated music based on your taste.Swipe Left to throw away, Swipe Right to collect for today

How are we different?

Ticketmaster focus on the main stream market grossing $7 Billion in 2015. Inmusik is focused on the independent music market where artists and professionals can manage their own ticketing solutions selling directly to their own fans.

Product/Service Descriptions