Innoesis Business Management Pvt Ltd

  • Mumbai, India
  • Business coaching

Innoesis supports SME's in Shaping Organisations of the future.

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Team Summary

Founding coach - Kiran Ajwani
Kiran has over 16 years of work experience which includes five years of sales experience in the telecom industry with Philips & Iridium, six years of business management experience in healthcare sector with Johnson & Johnson and five years as a first-generation entrepreneur.


Product/Service Summary

Innoesis Business Management helps you to infuse the right business management competencies into your organisation. At every stage of the business growth cycle, across various management functions, an organisation needs to constantly identify and fill the gaps between existing competencies and those required to grow further. We specialise in this.

How are we different?

we build competencies in the organisation by walking along with the business leaders and slowly changing the way the business is being managed. Present examples of our long standing clients and how over a span of 3-5 years, change has been manifested.

Product/Service Descriptions