iNSPID Compiling Expertise

  • Chandigarh, India
  • EventsEvent Management, Human ResourcesRecruitment/Jobs, Human Resources, Consumer Internet, E-commerce

Because Experts are not always comes from Big Educational Institutions @inspidme #CompilingExpertise

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Neeraj Sharma, Founder, Age 21. Entrepreneur Started hosting and Web development company in 2012,
Also Microsoft Student Partner and Intel Software Partner.
Sonal Grover, Age 24 doing Masters in Information technology.
Abhishek, Age 20 Comes up with latest updates of technologies and trends.


Product/Service Summary

Providing online social platform to both companies and user to find there best companions to work with. A Social portal for user to start a network and engage with the companies and recruiters. Allowing members to join, start faction and promote, sell services and products. Compiling Experts of different fields to provide services and products.

How are we different?

Not a job portal because they earn it, Not a service provider because they sell it. Not a product manufacturer because they build it. Not an event planer because they launch it. Not a social network iNSPID is a social platform for all of them who want to showcase their skills and earn from it no matter how big institution or small user they are.

Product/Service Descriptions