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Are you still standing in a row for admission ? Now get admission from anywhere in your desired and eligible colleges by just a single tap.

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Team Summary

we have a friends group of team working together with confidence and have a target in the eyes. We will prove ourselves with the help of confidence and unity.


Founding Team

Founder & CEO of Insta Admission an online platform for instant admission application for Graduates, Undergraduates, Master Studies and Professional Studies.

Product/Service Summary

Everything is entering in the virtual world and colleges and universities too are making its way to online media. However choosing the right college or university is a difficult task and it depends on a number of factors such as place, an area of study, status, and of course, money. In addition to all this, the biggest challenge is a lack of mode through which the students can opt for the admission in right
colleges. To know about the complete criteria, from a number of seats, selection of a college, filling of admission form to final reports all creates a huge mess and confusion. But to resolve all these hurdles and obstructions Insta Admission an online portal is created where students can get apply for admissions in Colleges of their choice and Universities. Insta Admission is an internet based app which can be accessed from anytime anywhere basis and candidates can get the admission instantly in their eligible colleges.

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