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  • Finance Technology, Data Analytics, Risk Assessment

Hub of "Private Company" financial information and its analysis report with comparatives.

Early Revenues

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New Product Release

We released our Beta of phase 1



Beta Phase Sales

Even in the beta phase of, we acquired 2 renowned customer.



Team Summary

3 Co-Founders and 4 team mates.
Founders Intro:
1. Uday Khemka, the techno-functional expert is Chartered Accountant with immense interest in Fin-Tech Industry.
2. Rajesh Anand is enriched with vast knowledge in various tools of Microsoft/Open source technologies is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by profession.
3. Raji M an MBA, BCA, with over 10 years of proven sales experience in enterprise and Govt. Sales.

Team Members:
2 Members (MCA and BE Graduates) in Technology for product development and testing
1 Member M.Com.) in operations and accounts
1 Intern from IITK


Product/Service Summary

InstaFinancials Products revolves around corporate related information, both financial and non-financial. In includes company and director info, Financial and Analysis report, KYC and Legal background. We currently provide reports in PDF / Online version, aim to create API for various organization, along with white labeling option.

How are we different?

We aim to provide exhaustive information aggregated from various sources. Instead of throwing chunk of raw data to users, we provide analysed information in a structured manner. What we ask from users is just few minutes, not hours. Moreover, apart from our user-friendly UI, we have automated the processing of Financial Analysis.

Product/Service Descriptions