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Instantly build your trusted network from any device to share files and access your apps securely.

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Team Summary

Our founding team has a strong mix of business and technical experience. On the business side, Sandip has the experience of building & scaling Security businesses like Symantec, BlueCoat Systems, Trend Micro, Check Point and Nevales from scratch.
On the technical side, our team has deep experience in Security, Networking, distributed systems, at companies such as Tasman Networks, Nortel, Avaya, Oracle & Radware.. Team members: Ravikumar Govindrao as Head of Engg, has 25+ years of exprience. He was a early engineer at Tasman Networks in San Jose, California & in his last role was the Engineering Director at Avaya Networks, Bangalore. Deepak Panigraphy - Product Head - Was core team member at Oracle Advanced Security lab & product lead at Nevales. Biju George – Head of Cloud Devops & Support. With a hacker mindset, Biju worked in Radware, Nortel & Avaya and has been part of 2 startups prior. Prashant – Sales & business Development. Prashanth our newest member is Ex-Symantec and has deep selling experience.


Team Members

Deepak Panigrahy

Deepak Panigrahy

Chief Product Officer
Ravikumar Govindrao

Ravikumar Govindrao

Head of Engineering
Biju George

Biju George

Cloud DevOps & Support

Product/Service Summary

For distributed businesses who are running a centralized application InstaSafe provides secure remote access solutions that allows access to behind the firewall apps from any device anywhere Unlike appliance based solutions InstaSafe offers a hardware free, zero config, self-service, fully redundant service which could be deployed in minutes.

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