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Mobile platform that enables parents to discover, pay and manage nearby private mentors in few taps

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Ashutosh seth-Ex cofounder of edunirvana, flipclass,helloclass. Experience of selling 50K tutoring hours, hiring 3K mentors in the target market & building/selling Edtech products to schools and colleges.


Product/Service Summary

We are building a mobile first marketplace that enables parents to discover, pay and manage nearby mentors in a few taps. Mentors are handpicked, trained and supported by virtual team of experts and digital tools. Our mentors understand intelligence spectrum and goals of every learner, then reverse engineer solution and guarantee successful outcome

How are we different?

Deep domain expertise, tech and product DNA, relentless attitude and passion for education. Chasing big market-$40B, addressing tangible pain point(78% of parents who subscribe to private tuition continuously look for personalized sloution) via proven pain killer (inperson 1:1 mentoring at massive scale)

Product/Service Descriptions