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Helping companies understand their potential/existing hires better. Making the intangible tangible.

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Team Summary

Mohammed has an UGDiploma in Engineering Studies (Aeronautical) from Glasgow University & PGDiploma in Leadership & Innovation from Adianta. Founded Intelaeon at 18 to transform the way we think of & use creativity, in education & business. Worked with an EdTech startup whose product is being acquired.
Core team of 2 in early 20s,rethinking daily.


Product/Service Summary

Companies know the precise traits they want to see in potential hires, but CVs, forms & interviews generate insufficient insights. We design fun quizzes which generate a spectrum certifying the thinking style, knowledge base and creativity of an individual. The spectra are indicative and not absolute. We work with humans not machines.

How are we different?

Organisations work with, & for humans. We help them understand their core resource better.
We believe that every individual is unique & is entitled to the opportunity to express his/her uniqueness. We work at the intersection of humanity with intuitive technology. Combined experience of developing fun, creative & interactive quizzes of 10 years.

Product/Service Descriptions