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Our idea is to connect customers to Healthcare channels ( Chemist ,Hospitals ,Blood Bank , Ambulance ) and information about Health

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MedicCare | MedicCare

No need to medicines always carry , Now with MedicCare app chemist with you always & reach them very easy ,,


Intelliroad Technology Pvt Ltd



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Team Summary

Abhas Kumar ( CSO)-
Abhas has 8+ industry experience and has been with intelliroad since inception.
Abhas did his graduate and postgraduate studies in Computer science and electronics Engineering at IIT Kanpur.

Adarsh Kumar ( CEO)
Adarsh has 4+ start up working experience. Worked closely with start up.
Adarsh did his graduate studies in Information Technology from VTU university. Patent holder (SmartMu Company flagship product).

Rohan Dalvi (COO) -
Rohan has 10+ sales and marketing experience. Worked in Abbott nutrition and cadbury.
6+ experience in health sector and 4+ year experience in operation handling experience.

Omkar Nayak (CPO)-
Omkar has 3+ start up working experience and worked closely with startup.
Omkar did his graduate studies in computer science engineering from Goa university.

Shubham Gaurav (CMO )-
Shubham has 2+ start up working experience in project management and client handling.


    • Adarsh Kumar

    • Co-Founder

    • Abhas Kumar

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Our idea is to connect customers to nearest chemist & all healthcare channels( Hospital , Doctors , Blood Bank , ETC ) from customers location and allow them to order the medicines from the chemist either by scanned full prescription any emergency time .

This will help to all kind of customers like for example tourists and travellers , who doesn't know where exactly the nearest chemist or other healthcare channels located.

How are we different?

We are different because we allow users to get connected from nearest chemist/hospital/doctors/ blood bank / ambulance from his/her location and allow users to order chemist easily in a emergency get delivered asap. Order can be done by whole scanned prescription.

Product/Service Descriptions