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A smart ring for all your important notifications and controlling smart lights and TV with gestures.

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B'Ring It On - Wearable Ring Technology is Changing the Gaming Community | Entrepreneur Magazine

The proverb: Action speaks louder than words, perhaps doesn’t fit better on anyone else than IIT Kharagpur alumnus Harshit Shrivastava and his two friends who developed the gesture and motion controlled
ring-shaped device Nimble. Through the device,

Mar 01, 2016


Started working on the technology while still in IIT Kharagpur



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Team Dropped out of IIT Kharagpur



Raised an angel round for productization and gaining some initial traction



Philips to place Shuffle in all their Indian light lounges and




Team Summary

Harshit, the guy behind all the algorithms, equations and codes, is a student of IIT Kharagpur. He has worked in the research group named Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) IIT Kharagpur which was given a grant of more than $ 300k. He did a lot of computer vision based algorithms development and optimizations. With this acquired knowledge and experience in programming, this geeky gamer changed the way humans of today interact with computers.

Abhishek Sharma was a team member of Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Kharagpur. He's always been in deep with entrepreneurs all around India. He knows ways around business strategy and planning. Teaming up with MBA grads, he has done extensive market research and analysis around the product to make it more market oriented and devising go to market strategy.

Vivek Kumar is from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering IIT Kharagpur also known for pulling gadgets apart. He has a good experience with messy bread boards and chips and gets scared when supply is more than 5 volts. Good with optimizing circuits and making magic thingys fit up your sleeve.

As a team, we have won various business plan and product design competitions. We won Eureka IIT Bombay, Envision IIT Kharagpur, TiE Asia BPlan Competition. Apart from this we got invitation from various acceleraters and incubation centres.
On aspirational grounds, we don't believe in gravity. We feed on innovations to achieve something magical.


Product/Service Summary

Intugine Technologies presents you Nimble, a tiny and flexible Bluetooth based ring shaped device designed to notify you of important calls and messages and lets you control your Smart TV and lights with gestures

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