• Delhi, India
  • Automotive, Analytics, Internet of Things, Engineering, Location Based Services

Sphere is a hardware device for automobiles that provides Automatic Crash Response, driving analytics and on-road assistance.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

The team is composed of hardware engineers, programmers, designers and people with the required business acumen. The three founders are currently in the final year of engineering at Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) and are skilled and qualified in their respective roles. They have been friends for almost four years now and have been working on this venture for almost a year.


Founding Team

Rohan Sharma


Team Members

Shrey Miglani

Shrey Miglani

Sanchit Gupta

Sanchit Gupta


Product/Service Summary

Sphere is a hardware device for automobiles that is accessible to the user in the form of interactive buttons on the rear-view mirror panel. Whenever a car is involved in a crash, the device gets triggered automatically and sends the notification to the nearest healthcare facilities and provides medical aid immediately. In addition, the device provides driving analytics that helps them to assess the driving patterns of the various drivers. on-demand roadside assistance is also provided to the user just at the press of a button. All these features make the device a complete solution for both individuals and fleets.

Product/Service Descriptions