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IMDB for Groceries, FMCG, Electronics, Furniture and so on... the best your money can buy for you...


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Team Summary

Currently its just me, Shivdeep Reddy. I am 2011 IIT Delhi MBA graduate with a passion to stir things up. A self starter I had a brief entrepreneurial stint in Tech savvy and a pretty good C++ coder back in the day! I understand the initial chaos and difficulty in a startup and how to mitigate and overcome.


Product/Service Summary

1. Internet database with ratings, reviews, substitutes etc for FMCG, FMCD, Groceries Electronics, Shoes, Furniture etc to be used by online buyers helping them make an informed choice.
2. Ratings feed to online retailers at the point of sale

How are we different?

1. We are impartial as ratings are not generated from single retailer but rather by social media
2. We empower a novice buyer with succinct knowledge for every buy, let him mix up things with substitutes and ultimately get him/her the best value.
3. We will be first movers in this arena

Product/Service Descriptions