IQR Consulting

  • Santa Rosa, USA
  • Big Data, Services, Data Analytics

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Team Summary

IQR is led by senior executives with 15+ years experience in analytics domain. Strategies created by Rahul Nawab, Nagendra and Karan have transformed the banking industry and their clients. IQR is able to attract strong talent locally in Ahmedabad from IIM and Nirma. In the US from strong experienced background. 100% of IQR has at least 2 yrs exp


    • Karan Bhalla

    • Managing Director

    • Nagendra Sastry

    • Head Analytics

Product/Service Summary

IQR’s data analysis, modeling and business strategy consulting services are helping companies to be armed with critical, real-time information that empowers them to create actionable strategies that drive positive results..
We provide business analytics support using an integrated onsite/offshore business model. We are a global organization.

How are we different?

Key differences vs any analytics consulting firm
1. We focus on customized and actionable analytical solutions which creates value for our clients. vs being a efficiency play conducting reporting projects
2. Mature staff
3. Strong service orientation
4. Referral business only indicating strong client affinity
5. Cross sell is a strength.

Product/Service Descriptions