Jaglion Pvt. Ltd.

  • Bangalore, India
  • Automotive, Manufacturing, Engineering

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Team Summary

Founder of company, DEEPAK TIWARI is a mechanical engineer. He was associated with HAL Bangalore for 2 months in jet engine design and he was part of IIT Delhi in robotics and ADI Pune. For last half an year, he is working on car parts and


Founding Team

There are two directors associated with company who are expert in mechanical designing and battery technology.

Ankitv Yadav


Product/Service Summary

ECS is a steering technology. In ECS, there is no connection between steering wheel and road wheel. Drivers response is transfer through flex ray to the electric actuator.
ECS column contains low stiffness torsional spring, high coefficient damping fluid, torque sensor and angle sensor. When driver exert torque on steering wheel, torque sensor senses magnitude of torque and angle sensor detects direction of torque and sends a signal to central ECU. Central ECU sends signal to two other ECU. Those ECU'S are connected with electric actuator which are mounted on steering rack. Once ECU receives signal, transfers to electric actuator and steer the vehicle.
High level safety and security is also concern. In case of failure of electronic parts, an error signal is generated by central ECU and sends to electromagnetic clutch which is placed between column and torsion bar. Clutch receives an error signal and engages Column with torsion bar. Seamlessly, driver can steer the vehicle.

Product/Service Descriptions