• Surat, India
  • E-commerce

Jalebii Delivers all types of famous street food to Gujarati people at its door step with one click


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Team Summary

Recently i am only person who thinks about it,i collected all information regarding this business,And in future if any other person requirement will rise for the business then definitely i will think about it.


Founding Team

Mechanical Engineer,Mechanical Designer,Current work as Design Engineer.

Product/Service Summary

I want to sell most famous street food online in Gujarat,include very popular street food in Gujarat.Customers can order it online and test of every popular street food at their home.All Gujarati people love fast food,there are many lari and small to big local shops for the fast food or street food exist and some of them are very very popular.i want to explain one famous street food shop collection for a day ..if somebody want to buy a dish of Surati khaman from the Amadavadi Naylon Khaman Shop then probably they will wait for 30 min in Que approximately that means there are huge crowd,i also went them and get information about average day counter then i was shocked,Owner collect 10 to 15 thousand per day from a single item 'Khaman',and this is a very small shop around 1000 sq feet.This is small example i got so many shops and vendors who have so many customers and earn so much money every single day.So i want to create platform that sell all famous items in a single platform.

Product/Service Descriptions