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Need funds to take a very promising independent media startup, which has become a sensation in India

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Team Summary

Our team consists of an editor-in-chief (yours truly) with 20 years of experience in multimedia journalism 12 of which spent in BBC in UK, one managing editor (24 years of experience), four copy writers, two video editors/graphic person, freelance writers spread across India and world.


Product/Service Summary

We aspire to showcase public spirited independent journalism with utmost objectivity with surrendering our journalistic values. We raise issues that mainstream media wouldn't and we display sensitivity and responsibility in our coverage that's become scarce in India media today. It's also a platform for voiceless.

How are we different?

Unlike other media house, our credibility emanates from our deep-rooted journalistic ethos of doing ethical, responsible and objective journalism at any cost. The audience trust is what our core editorial value revolves around. We tell the story to our audience as we see them after having verified the facts and without any biases.

Product/Service Descriptions