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  • Jaipur, India
  • Services, Logistics

we have earlier connected to the best drivers, and local business partners and we start to solve.

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Team Summary

Ravi Kumar ( Founder-CEO)
M.Tech in industrial Engg. IIT, Roorkee studied S.C.M, smart transportation.

Aman Jain (Co-Founder-CTO)
Mechanical Er. 5 year experience in transportation business

Krishna Kaushik (COO), founder of IES revolution
Electrical Er. 6 year experience in transportation business.

Praveen Kumar, (Marketing head)
Mechanical Er. 2 year experience in transportation market.

Bhupesh mathur , (Marketing co-ordinator)
Mechanical Er. co-ordinator in isac foundation. Good communication skill.


Product/Service Summary

Jap India Serves solutions are reliable, economical and are structured on an aggregated network of vehicles managed with intelligent technologies. JAP aspires to build a product that standardizes the logistic solutions for various businesses on a tech-enabled platform and augments the consumer experience. This enables JAP to leverage the massive

How are we different?

.JAP Transport offers a Tech platform connecting customers who want to move goods quickly and with ease to owners of mini-trucks. It is organizing a massive disorganized market, and providing value to both sides of the market at the same time.
JAP Transport is seamlessly connecting rapidly increasing demand with reliable and safe goods transport

Product/Service Descriptions