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Pruthviraj Filter is a labor saving innovation; simplifies fertilizer management and increases yield

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Saam TV coverage of Mr. Balasaheb Gunjal - Pruthviraj Filter is installed at Mr. Gunjal's Farm | Saam TV

Saam TV showed success story of farmer Balasaheb Gunjal who mentions that one of the factors for the success is the Jeevamrut Filter installed on the farm. The link is to the youtube upload of the news coverage.

Oct 29, 2015


Marathi Language "Shenkhat Slurry Dya Ata thet Drip Madhun"-Translation: Feed Jeevamrut Through Drip | Daily Sakal - Agrowon

The article in Sakal Agrowon (Agro special newspaper) took note of the labor saving innovation and its revolutionary effects on the farming. It gave various testimonials from experts on how the filter can transform one does farming.

Mar 16, 2014


Team Summary

We are team of 3, Subhash(B.Sc Agri), Chetan (B.Com) & Nayan(MBA Mktg). Subhash is the inventor of the product idea and also brings in his agri-business network to the table. Chetan brings in innovation in terms of manufacturing of the product.
Nayan(myself) bring in all the marketing effort, digital, print and social.


    • Subhashchandra Tanpure

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

We have invented a Filtering mechanism (named Pruthviraj Filter) which can be used to filter organic manures to crystal clear liquid. Due to this the manure can be fed through Drip Irrigation saving thousands in cost and increasing the revenue multi-fold. This innovation has transformed each farm where it has been installed.

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