Maapey E-Services Private Limited

  • Ghaziabad, India
  • Human ResourcesRecruitment/Jobs, Careers, Advertising, E-commerce helps fresher job seekers to get the second chance to start their career.


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Team Summary

I am Nitesh Singh, and I have got 5 years of experience in similar industry. moreover, have been a good part of sales team even handle a team of 123 people. being a part of this company I will be personally involved in all the activities which gonna be happening within the project. what all I need is just? I need a team of 24 people who will be doing the B2C or to make outbound calls to the customers and 5 people for marketing who will be visiting the colleges for the promotion of the website. for that, i need a good amount of backup.


Founding Team

Nitesh Singh


Managing Director @ Maapey E-Services Private Limited, Assistant Quality Manager @ DigiCall Teleservices Pvt.Ltd., Verifier @ FCS Software Solutions Ltd


Maapey E-Services Private Limited (2017 - present)
Managing Director

DigiCall Teleservices Pvt.Ltd. (2013 - 2015)
Assistant Quality Manager

FCS Software Solutions Ltd (2014 - 2014)


lovely professional university
b.Com • 2011 - 2015

Harjinder Singh


Product/Service Summary

Maapey E-services private limited is an E-Commerce company which has launched one of its project that is which is related to recruitment industry and it contains to potential to make right changes in the recruitment pattern of India. As we know every year we are getting 15lacs minimum engineers. Here if we talk about the placements success rate so it is only 6 to 7% what about others!! There is nothing that they can so instead of running or suffering in the job market. Therefore we have got this project which can help them and ensures the good rate of the number of the placement success rate. For that, we have planned to organize Job Fair activities on yearly basis. Along with that, we have some career enhancement services which with a range in between 150 to 15000 per person. if we expect 5% conversion then we can land at a good amount of revenue in a year

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