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IOS Mobile Developer Mobile Developer
Delhi, India
Swift, node.js, DATA STRUCTURE, Objective C, cocoa touch, IOS, Mobile Developer, Architecture

Job Description
Strong emphasis and in-depth knowledge of implementing Web Services (like REST and SOAP), Social Network API- s, Local Database (like SQLITE and Core Data), InAppPurchase, Parsing techniques (like JSON and xml), sending mails and SMS.
Must have at least 8 working application in the App Store
Advanced knowledge of Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch, iPhone/iPad Apple SDK.
Advanced knowledge of Interface Builder, XCode 7.3 or Xcode 8, Core Foundation, Core Data, XML, JSON.
Hands-on experience with Apples Human Interface Design principles
Knowledge of OS internals, threading and semaphores.
Knowledge of Cocoa Memory Management system.

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Full Stack Developer Software Engineer
Delhi, India
node.js, AngularJS, CSS5, HTML5, JavaScript

Job Description
We are looking for a full stack Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users, as well as translating the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code.
Responsibilities :
- Design of the overall architecture of the web application
- Rest APIs for mobile and web App
- Translation of UI/UX wireframes to visual elements
- Integration of the front-end and back-end aspects of the web application
- Creating database schemas. Data migration, transformation, and scripting.

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Chief Marketing Officer Sales & Marketing
Bangalore, India
Excellent communicaiton skill, Negotiation, Analytics, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing strategy, Social Media Marketing, Sales, Marketing Campaigns
29 days ago by SpeQue

Job Description
SpeQue is a food-tech startup based out of Bangalore. We are currently operational in 30+ restaurants in 2 major areas of Bangalore and are looking to expand to other areas. 

SpeQue is an end to end solution for food lovers. At SpeQue, we are on a mission to change how people eat out through the use of digital menus with pictures & videos of dishes, ratings & smart suggestions. 

Job Description: 

We are looking for an exceptional candidate with 3+ years of experience to join our small but passionate team to contribute to sales & marketing 

Key Responsibilities: 

- Heads sales & marketing 
- Conceptualise & execute strategies to drive sales 
- Analyse prospective marketing avenues and build brand awareness 
- Build strong relationships with existing & new customers (restaurants) 
- Experience in social media & digital marketing trends 
- The role is based out of Bangalore, where you will work closely with your team on online & offline marketing initiatives and does not involve travelling to other locations. 

Mandatory requirements: 

- Must be from a Tier A college (preferably from an IIT or IIM) 
- Sound analytical skills 
- Must have exceptional communications skills, both written & verbal 
- The desired candidate should be a brilliant negotiator 
- Ability to make decisions based on sound logical arguments 
- Strong team player 
- Based in or willing to relocate to Bangalore 

- Equity-only, no fixed salary

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Web Developer Software Engineer
Pune, India
laravel, PHP
about 1 month ago by Find Shop India

Job Description
We are looking for a PHP developer(s) having experience with Laravel and restful API development. Should be able to write clean & efficient code to get the things running.

Key Skills: Core PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Angular JS, knowledge of other PHP frameworks etc.


You will be a part of team that will be responsible for every aspect of project development including initial specification, development, testing, launch & future development.
You should be able to write modules in Laravel & create restful APIs as per requirements.
Experience with Angular Js, Javascript, JQuery will be added plus

Minimum 1- 2 years’ experience is recommended.

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Architect Software Engineer
Bangalore, India
Android, CRM, ALGORITHMS, digital applications, HTML5, AngularJS, Entreprenuer, IOS, Web Development, Team leadership
about 1 month ago by Movilo Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description
Yapnaa, platform for brand and consumer engagement is wholly owned by Bangalore based startup, Movilo Networks Pvt Ltd.

We are looking to scale up our operations and accelerate development of technology road-map. People with passion to create something new and have hunger for learning are welcome to be part of the team. If you find it exciting to be part of startup and willing to grow with company then you could get in touch with us at or 

Technical skills -

Hands on experience and willingness to work on multiple areas,
Web development, android and ios app experience, PhP, nodeJS, automation technologies, scripting with strong debugging skills,
Functional - should be able to work independently, translate business requirement to technical specification, understand aspects of product management and would have co-worked with marketing teams,
Our road-map involves AI development. You should have inclination to tinker with new technologies to come up with ideas and demonstrable prototype,
Candidate with 3-8 years are ideal for this role however people with more experience with exceptional drive and attitude can also be considered. 

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Customer Engagement Manager Operations, Product Manager
Bangalore, India
Business development, business analysis, Communication skills, Customer retention, Digital marketing, Entreprenuer
about 1 month ago by Movilo Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description
We are a start - up and need young & energetic, preferably with 3 - 6 years minimum work experience in customer services & customer management,
Responsible for managing revenue generation and enhancement initiative in CRM related to Cross selling via Appointment generation, partner co-ordination, innovation in self-closures and up-selling,
Strong analytics aptitude and practitioner level in digital marketing,  
Good English communication skills & computer usage knowledge in MS office. 
Interested candidates can send their resumes to

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Anantapur, India

Job Description

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Data Analyst Finance/Accounting, Operations
Pune, India
Account Management, business analysis, Manage Database
about 1 month ago by Nemesys iCuenta LLP

Job Description
If you are inspired by our insight and passionate about your career and company goals through technology, we want to talk to you:

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Group Leader Sales & Marketing
Hisar, India
Sales, Marketing, Marketing Campaigns, Team leadership
about 1 month ago by UPrudence Agro

Job Description
1. Daily field work to interact with farmers & Landowners across Haryana & Rajasthan region & provide awareness & motivation about organic farming.
2. Complete daily field activity report & door knock report
3. Achieve daily organic product sales of UPrudence company through direct marketing
4. Lead a team of 3-4 Sales Executive to achieve monthly target sales.
5. Diploma/MBA in Sales & Marketing preferred. 
6. 1-2 years of Experience in direct sales of organic products & awareness about organic farming preferred. 
7. Must have excellent product marketing, leadership & customer convincing skills
8. Report to Team manager
9. To apply pls email your CV at
10. Visit us at

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Sales Executive Sales & Marketing
Hisar, India
Sales, Marketing, Marketing Campaigns
about 1 month ago by UPrudence Agro

Job Description
1. Daily field work to interact with farmers & Landowners across Haryana & Rajasthan region & provide awareness & motivation about organic farming.
2. Achieve daily organic product sales of UPrudence company through direct marketing
3. Complete daily field activity report & door knock report.
4. Diploma/MBA in Sales & marketing preferred.
5. Experience in direct sales of organic products & awareness about organic farming preferred. Fresher with good marketing skills can apply.
6. Report to Team manager.
7. To apply pls email your CV at
8. Visit us at

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Business Development Manager Sales & Marketing
Chennai, India
Pre-Sales, Sales, Negotiation, Lead Generation, partner/business development
about 1 month ago by Delium

Job Description
Delium Technologies, founded May 2016 with the core vision helping supermarket chains harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost operational efficiency and refine business strategy. Our product 'The Eye' does auto replenishment with near-zero configuration(a learning system over a rule-based configuration) for supermarkets. The system is capable of learning on the go and keeps fine-tuning purchase recommendations based on history and a zillion other temporal conditions. We currently have 4 paying customers who have seen a reduction in inventory by more than 20%, an increase in sales due to an optimized inventory and a huge cut in man-hours that can be put to better use.

We are currently partnered with GoFrugal Technologies(premium and digital POS company) to penetrate the medium segment of customers in India and are piloting with a national wide retail chain. The founders who have been part of the core engineering team have done the initial sales and piloting and customer acquisition. We are currently looking for business development managers to help decipher and implement go-to-market and be responsible for agreed revenue generation. The key deliverables that you would be responsible for over next quarter and the next year are:

Next Quarter: 
1. Successfully onboard 1 national wide supermarket chain. 
2. Find and onboard the 2nd ISV partner for the medium segment. 
3. Generate ISV partner and blue-chip business pipeline for the next quarter. 
4. Work with existing partners(medium segment) to make sure that we acquire at least 10 new customers.

First Year: 
1. Successfully onboard 3 national wide supermarket chains. 
2. Take the ISV partner count to 5 in the medium segment. 
3. Work with ISV partners and acquire at least 50 clients in the medium segment. 
4. Create success case stories from at least 2 of the national wide supermarket chains.

If you are in love with our idea and mission and longing for: 
* A new challenge every day, You hate comfort zones. 
* I want to be a true polyglot(Sales, marketing, engineering, business development, etc whatever new stuff is for you - that can be done at office ;)) 
* Autonomy to do what it takes to write your story.

And are: 
* A doer - you have to be the first person to start writing your story :) 
* Like minded - we are a strange bunch.

If you believe you belong with us. Send us your coordinates and we will airlift you to Chennai.

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Business Development Sales & Marketing
Mumbai, India
Business development, Business Strategy, Customer development, Excellent communicaiton skill, Sales
about 1 month ago by Impact

Job Description
Enterprise sales to companies HR heads, CSR heads, CEOs, Marketing heads.

Selling Impact's business to clients and maintaining amazing relationships with them.

Ensuring annual revenue per client ~Rs 20-30 Lakhs.

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Customer Excellence Operations
Navi Mumbai, India
Communication skills, English, humility
about 1 month ago by Impact

Job Description
Making every sad user happy. Ideating around maintaining our app store rating to 4.8 and innovating to take it to 4.9.
Servicing every user to answer all questions and nudge them to use app forever.

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Optometrist Office Manager
NCR, Haryana
about 1 month ago by FortuneUno HealthCorp Pvt Ltd

Job Description
Required optometrists with 2-3 years of working experience to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage basic disorders of the visual system, eye diseases, and injuries and prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses as needed.
Workplace Duties –
• Perform vision tests and analyze results
• Diagnose sight problems, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness and eye diseases, such as glaucoma
• Prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, and medications
• Provide treatments such as vision therapy or low-vision rehabilitation
• Evaluate patients for the presence of diseases such as diabetes and refer patients to other healthcare providers as needed
• Promote eye health by counseling patients, including explaining how to clean and wear contact lenses
Salary- Negotiable will depend on the experience.
Employment Type – Full Time.
Working Hours – General Working Hours with 6 days working.
Interested Candidates must send their CVs to

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clinical psychologist Product Manager
NCR, Haryana
about 1 month ago by FortuneUno HealthCorp Pvt Ltd

Job Description
Coordinates with teachers, administrators, resource specialists and/or community (e.g. service clubs, courts, child protective services, etc.) for the purpose of providing/receiving requested information and/or making recommendations.
Counsels students, parents, and guardians for the purpose of enhancing student success, academically, socially, and emotionally, in school.
Develops a variety of special programs and classes (e.g. group and teamwork, leadership, bullying, coping with divorce or death, social skills) for the purpose of providing information to assist students in the successful transition from elementary to middle school or help with life and academic skills.
Monitors students' progress for the purpose of identifying issues and taking appropriate action for increasing student success. Prepares a wide variety of materials (e.g. lesson plans, quantity reports, student activities, correspondence, audits, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing the written reference, and/or conveying information.
Presents information for the purpose of communicating information, gaining feedback and ensuring adherence to established internal controls.?
Schedules student classes on a variety of topics for the purpose of helping students academically, socially and emotionally reach success in school.
Supervises assigned programs (e.g. scholarships, peer counseling, special education, ESL, etc.) for the purpose of monitoring performance, providing for professional growth and achieving overall curriculum objectives
*Qualifications and Skills*
Masters in Counseling/Clinical/Child Psychology, capable of handling behavioral issues of students, 1-3 yrs of relevant exp.
*Job Type: *
*Salary: *
₹ 3,50,000.00 to ₹550,000.00 /year
*Job Location:*
Delhi, Delhi
*Required education:*
*Required experience:*
teaching and counselling PSYCHOLOGY in Schools: 1 year
Freshers also
*Required language:*

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