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New Opening For full stack developer UI/UX Designer
Noida, India
jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap
4 months ago by Apisys Private Limited

Job Description
We want someone who is perfect and full stack designer in UI and UX. S/He should know all the basics about website designing and web development we need someone who can design the website easily and quickly

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AI developer Software Engineer
Mumbai, India
Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Open Source
4 months ago by Dhee Vista

Job Description
Develop AI apis for cognitive testing. Integration with open source systems. Freshers welcome

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Telemedicine General physician consultant Operations
Hyderabad, India
Android Apps

Job Description
Medical consultant

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CTO Software Engineer
Delhi, India
AngularJS, PHP, JavaScript, Android
4 months ago by Digiperform

Job Description
  1. Lead strategic planning to achieve business goals by identifying and prioritizing development initiatives and setting timetables for the evaluation, development, and deployment of all web-based services. 
  2. Evaluate and identify appropriate technology platforms (including web application frameworks and the deployment stack) for delivering the company’s services 
  3. Identify opportunities and risks for the business. 
  4. Define, develop, manage, and prioritize large numbers of projects, feature requests, and maintenance requests simultaneously 
  5. Manage research and development (R&D). 
  6. Monitor technology and social trends that could impact the company. 
  7. Ensure that technology standards and best practices are maintained across the organization. 
  8. Communicate the company's technology strategy to partners, management, investors and employees.  
  9. Maintain current information about technical standards and compliance regulations.  
  10. The ability to foresee web-based services that meet consumer needs or solve business issues. 
  11. Participate as a member of the senior management team in establishing governance processes of direction and control to ensure that objectives are achieved, risks are managed appropriately and the organization’s resources are used responsibly, 
  12. Responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and leading all aspects of the company’s technology development and playing an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth. 
  13. Ensure company technical problems are resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner

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Regional Sales Head Sales & Marketing
Indore, India
Sales, Service Operations

Job Description
Lead Sales, Marketing and Service organization for the region.. Build team. 

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Regional Sales Head Sales & Marketing
Ranchi, India
Sales management, credit management, Service Operations

Job Description
Lead the East & North East Region for Sales, Marketing ans Service. Build team and brand.

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Operations - Executive Operations
Mumbai, India
Communication skills, computer literacy, Customer management, Customer retention
4 months ago by Blue Cloud Ecom Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description
  • Own and grow customer relationships 
  • Maintain database of business contacts 
  • Negotiate price and product offerings 
  • Troubleshoot all customer service issues 
  • Manage inbound and outbound customer communications 
  • Develop initiatives to improve 's customer experience 
  • Obsess over best in class customer service policies 
  • Stay informed on new customer experience technologies 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to accuracy and thoroughness 
  • Communicate effectively with founders, co-workers and customers 
  • Manage tight deadlines and high expectations with a calm demeanour 

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Operations Executive Operations
Pune, India
Account Management, Inventory Management, Process Management, Excellent communicaiton skill, MS Office, Operations, Operations Handling

Job Description
Inventory Management - Identification of various items, keeping track of the materials by tags and transportation management.
Unloading the material / items in inventory with the help of inventory management system. Following the FIFO system in stores for every item.
Procurement of new stock materials / receiving replacement from vendors and ensure those are correct in terms of number and specifications.
Sending Inquiries, getting quotations, and placing purchase orders to vendors.
Supervising purchase order and delivery of items against each PO from customers.
Supplier & Customer Reconciliation.
Maintaining record of excess material returned from the manufacturing vendors.
Reporting any significant supply problems to the Department Head to ensure that departments and functions are kept aware of any potential difficulties.
Maintaining records of all stock movements. Using data modelling practices to analyze the stock movement and calculate the optimum stock level of various components.

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Web Developer UI/UX Designer, Mobile Developer
Pune, India
Java, HTML5, CSS, Android Apps, JavaScript, Wordpress, IOS

Job Description
The role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

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Sales Executive Sales & Marketing
Pune, India
Excellent communicaiton skill, Digital marketing, Presentation Skills, Relationship management, MS Office

Job Description
We’re looking for a results-driven Sales Executive to develop sales strategies and attract new clients. The candidate will have to work on the field and will play a key role in increasing income and revenue by managing and negotiating with clients, generating leads and qualifying prospects.

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Robolab Trainer (Mechanical) Hardware Engineer
Pune, India
Mechanics,Kinematics & Dynamics, AutoCad, Solidworks, PROE, Excellent communicaiton skill

Job Description
Robolab product development requires strong theoretical as well as hands-on knowledge in robotics. The candidate must be extremely knowledgeable in the field of Mechanical Engineering and must possess strong technical aptitude. We expect the candidate to have a basic level of understanding of interfacing of a mechanical system with electronic systems.

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Robolab Trainer (Electronics or Electrical or Instrumentation) Product Manager
Pune, India
C, Communication skills, Python

Job Description
Robolab training includes theoretical as well as hands-on sessions/tutorials. The candidate must be extremely knowledgeable in the field of Electrical and Electronics and must possess solid technical aptitude. Candidate must be an excellent communicator, able to explain complex concepts in a clear and interesting way. Job includes traveling approx. 60-70% of the time.

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Sr. Manager - Sales Sales & Marketing
Bangalore, India
Sales management, Team leadership, Customer management
5 months ago by BookYourStock

Job Description

Role of National Sales Head, where one has to manage team of 10 to 20 members across the Country
To ensure team meets the sales target on monthly basis
Travel regularly to manage Team, meet new & potential customers - Garment
shops/stores/retailers /wholesellers etc.
To Manage Tele Sales team and Field sales team
Manage the entire sales cycle including delivery excellence, managing customers, collection,
Sales team, process compliance and customer satisfaction
Remain in frequent contact with the existing clients as well as new prospects to understand
their needs & service them
Should have start-up & Managing Sales team experience
Good communication skills with excellent command in Kannada, Hindi and English as must
Good knowledge of MS Office, whatsapp
Self-motivated with a result-driven approach, open & Positive Mind set for startup culture

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Marketing Executive Sales & Marketing
Gurgaon, India
Business Development,
5 months ago by Matholetics

Job Description
1. He/ She would be required to schedule demonstrations in Societies/ Schools
2. He would be required to talk to the parents/ people interrested in courses/DVDs
3. He would be required to sell app based courses and DVDs
4. He would be responsible for getting correct data for registration in app based courses.
5. He would be responsible for sales in his territory.

Qualification: Graduate with Good communication skills. English, Hindi, Punjabi
Experience: 1 -2 years
Salary: Rs. 1.8 to 2.4 Lakh per annum plus incentive
Please write to me at if you know someone who would be

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Senior Sales Manager Sales & Marketing
Delhi, India
Sales, Sales management

Job Description
Job profile: To handle complete sales cycle & Manage Revenue Team Target
 Provide coaching and mentoring to new and existing team members on an on-going basis
 Ensure that team members are adhering to Sales & Operations quality standards and practices by conducting regular monitoring checks
 Motivate team and encourage a high-level of team spirit within team and cross-teams
 To lead and drive the team to achieve the prescribed Goals
 Ensure that the team achieves all the Targets that are outlined
 To ensure that policies and processes are adhered to by team members
 To actively participate in providing feedback (positive and negative) to in regards to policies, processes and customer feedback
 Conduct team briefings and discussions on a regular basis
 May be required to handle clients Queries and assist the team to achieve targets
 Other duties from time to time that may be assigned

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