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Jovial Care is a B2C platform which serves as lead generating platform for hospitals and as a cost comparison platform for patients.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Idea perceived, started exploring the problem space




Beta website launched after partnering with 15 Hospitals, 2 Diagnostic centre


Added Suppliers

partners grown to 25 hospitals, 5 diagnostic centes and 2 Ayurveda centers



Added Feature

Launched cost comparison functionality on the website


International Tie - ups

Partnered with medical centres in African region


Outdoor camps

Conducted blood donation camp


Added Doctors

Partnered with 60 specialised doctors covering more than 12 categories



addressed 50 queries across hospitalisation, diagnostics and OPD's


Business Camp

Conducted free health checkup camp at Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC



Team Summary

Divye comes from IITG and is currently associated with Nvidia as a product designer. He serves as a advisor to the team and looks after IT & digital marketing.

Vikrant - Managing Partner With his business acumen and people handling skills, he happily handles our client requests.

Paridhee - Managing Partner Computer graduate with Management degree in Finance. With corporate experience of 10 years in the Finance industry, she is our strategy guru

Harshit - Managing Partner is a young and a ambitious guy, he brings in lots of energy and fresh ideas to the business.


Product/Service Summary

Jovial Care is a B2C platform which serves as a lead generating platform for hospitals and as a cost comparison platform for patients. We have partnered with the major hospitals and top doctors of Mumbai

Cost, transparency and accessibility are the major concerns of individual during hospitalisation.

Jovial care as a facilitator provides all the material information like treatment cost, doctor details, procedural detail and other information required so that user can evaluate and take an informed decision.
The transparency and hassle free experience will be key in attracting patients. The goal is to provide the right info at right time, so users can make an informed decision. This is important to change the current perception of hospitalization and healthcare system in India.

Our mission is to connect the doctor/individual sitting in the most remote area of India to the best healthcare network in India.

How are we different?

Jovia Care's goal is to provide all material information like treatment cost, doctor details, insurance details, procedural details before hand so that users can take an informed decision.
Our competitors are majorly working online & we intend to take the hybrid route.
* Jovial care will onborad maximum number of family physician & specialised doctors from Tier I, II & III areas.
*These doctors will refer their patients who are travelling for treatment to Jovialcare.
*Jovial Care will guide & assist them.
*These centres will serve as offline store for us (without any cost)
* It will be win-win situation for all
a)Family Physician/Specialised doctors
will enjoy increased goodwill, additional source of revenue without any input, higher customer satisfaction.
Will be entitled to improved services from Hospital, pick up & drop off from station & assistance throughout their Journey ie Pre-During-Post Hospitalisation
c) Jovial Care.
increased visibility & no cost offline cent

Product/Service Descriptions