Jovial Care

  • Mumbai, India
  • Healthcare Service, Healthcare Technology

Jovial Care tries to address the apprehension faced by patients at the time of hospitalization

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Divye comes from IIT and is currently associated with Nvidia as a product designer.
Vikrant comes business family so the business accumen and people handling skills comes in handy for him.
Paridhee has a decade plus experience with corporates.
Harshit is a young and a ambitious guy, he brings in lots of energy and fresh ideas to the business.


Product/Service Summary

Jovial Care is a one stop healthcare platform facilitator providing end to end facilities to both international and domestic patients. It helps you in finding best doctor, best hospital, best quotes and also provides assistance throughout the journey of hospitalization.

How are we different?

We provide end to end solutions in Healthcare. We as a platform help patients to take informed decision by providing them all material information at prior hand.
We also help them with hotel booking, local travel arrangement and any other requirement which patient has during hospitalization.

Product/Service Descriptions