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We are innovating in the field of Communication connected payments. Our mobile PBX solution will enable easier connected commerce for SMEs

Beta Launched

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Aviv was formed in may but thw work started in april



New Product Release

the basic product is already on the playstore.


New Product Release

communication on android is ready and is under going beta testing




Team Summary

S. Srinivasan - MBA from UK & Founder Director of Viva communications. Viva is an ISP and has presence in more than 16 states in india and in UK. He is also the co-founder of chennai based Nalas chain of restaurants which he has exited successfully. An expert in the communication field and astute businessman.
K.L. Narasimhan - PG in Economics & a diploma from the university of staffordshire and an executive with experience in companies like eBay, HCL tech, Patni etc. The last stint being in Paypal where he was heading the APAC university hiring. A professional with a wide experience in MNCs and a key penchant to bring in a world of connected commerce. He also advises a couple of startups in other fields to make them market ready.

We are being advised by a team of professionals from the payment & communication industry and senior management professionals. Names withheld due to confidentiality.


    • S. Srinivasan

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

When it comes to communication, money transfer& payments customers have to wade through a host of apps and go through various processes of managing individual user interfaces.We try to bring about a simple & powerful app that brings about convergence in communication and payments. chat with friends & family through voice,text,video,transfer money

How are we different?

We are combining one of the most used platforms on the internet, chat, to potently combine that with payments and ecommerce. Our platform is going to give one single familiar easy to use interface for people who have multiple bank apps to use for their daily banking transactions making life easier. no platform available in such a combination.

Product/Service Descriptions