• Mumbai, India
  • Internet of Things, Wearable

The Kaarma safety band helps you track the whereabouts and safety of your loved ones.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video


PoC ready

In March we had completed the POC on Android devices for the Safe Path feature



Business model finalized

Business planning was completed


iOS App Completed

The iOS App and the server side code has been completed



Team Summary

KK Mookhey - a successful entrepreneur in the information security space (ref www.niiconsulting.com). Grew the firm from one-man show to 200+ consultants working across the globe for marquee clients.

Karishma Mookhey- founded 'The Institute of Information Security' (www.iisecurity.in) in 2008 and has made it the go-to destination for people looking to join and grow in the infosec industry. As a concerned mother came up with the idea of the safety band and conceptualized many of its features.

Manish Bane - the tech brains behind the product and bringing it to successful POC stage


Product/Service Summary

A safety band which monitors deviation from safe zones, safe paths, and crossing of barriers. Also, monitors health of the person and has an SOS alarm feature. Very useful for ensuring safety and health of children and aged parents. Change the way we deal with safety and health issues by alerting to potential risky situations even before they arise

How are we different?

Most of the products in this space are mobile apps. When a personal health or safety issue arises no one is going to be able to launch a mobile app. The Kaarma band is the only wearable device that combines safety and health warnings and ensures potential problems are addressed before they become real risks.

Product/Service Descriptions