• Delhi, India
  • Social Impact, Internet, Enterprise

Karmany is a community-based impact jobs platform that brings quality talent to social enterprises.

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Founder Shweta Sharma, who prior to Karmany, was one of the youngest directors in the history of AT&T USA.
Karmany's content is created/curated by Paige Bills, senior editor at Gates Foundation.
Expansion/fundraising operations are run by Pulkit Arora, previously a fundraiser with Make A Difference & Atma.
Designed and developed by Bhargav Joshi.


Product/Service Summary

Karmany is an impact jobs platform with a community twist - an easy to use web portal for those who work in the social sector to connect, receive relevant news, ask and answer questions, and seek jobs with credible organizations. Our mission is to help impact organizations globally by helping them source talent and work in collaboration.

How are we different?

Current hiring platforms either lack specificity to the social sector, or do not have enough support from organizations to be effective in their mission.
Karmany provides organizations with relevant candidate information, curates all of its content and provides accessibility to anyone passionate about development while rewarding contributors.

Product/Service Descriptions