Klass Interiors

  • Mumbai, India
  • Manufacturing

We offer the customers a platform to source different kinds of furniture with flexible design option

Early Revenues

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Modular Kitchens ... Simplified | Klass Interiors

Ad promoting modular kitchens and creating awareness for organized kitchen storage.

Aug 04, 2016

New Product Release

We will be launching our online product range via various ecommerce portals.




Team Summary

Design team handles design and site installation . Marketing,Estimation and client relations is handled by myself. Factually, We are in a primitive stage and need more resources to take things ahead. We have the knowledge and expertise to innovate new designs introduce new furniture design in materials that offer durability and functionality.


Product/Service Summary

Factory made Furniture and Modular Furniture in bespoke sizes and stnd sizes. At the moment we are booking orders, designing our furniture and outsourcing it to various mfg units and getting it installed. However we would like to enter the retail segment by creating our own product line, being marketed on our own E portal and other e portals.

How are we different?

At present there is a stiff competition from a lot of vendors, who are operating in the market. But what would differentiate us from the rest would be the flexibility to offer bespoke sizes and also to give the client more options once he moves into the bespoke option. Apart from this we would like to offer the client a warranty option.

Product/Service Descriptions