KomboPal LLC

  • Lewes, Delaware
  • Food & BeveragesRestaurants, Sharing Economy, E-commerce, Consumer Internet

KomboPal is a totally unexplored next-generation food tech venture which is set to become global leader in discounting world.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Team has 3 active members and 5 in-active members. Details of active members have been given below:

1) Kapil Kumar Agarwal (CEO & Founder) - A second generation entrepreneur who conceptualized KomboPal, built up its team and the prototype. A graduate in Computer Applications, with a sole focus on making KomboPal the world leader in discounting world.

2) Deepak Tiwari [President - Business Development (North America] - He is an NRi and a launch partner of Kombopal, based out of Louisville CIty, Kentucky State, US. He own a total of 14 restaurants in Louisville City comprising a Subway franchisee of 12 Subway restaurants, a Mexican restaurant and a Japanese restaurant. He went to US with just $10 and has built up a multi-million dollar empire on his own.

C) Sujata Ramnarayan (Advisor) - She is an M.B.A, Ph.D. and is based out of San Francisco Bay Area. She is a former Gartner Group Senior Analyst, a marketing expert who has served on the board of several non-profit organizations.


Founding Team

Kapil Kumar Agarwal


Deepak Tiwari


Sujata Ramnarayan


Product/Service Summary

KomboPal is a 'missed opportunity' and a pioneering next-generation food tech venture which rewards users based on meals they share. It is a "totally unexplored, first of its kind venture worldwide" that will be rewarding not only for users but also for participating restaurants. It is a sophisticated venture that would be driven by pioneering algorithms for which patents and other intellectual property rights would be filed up in US and worldwide. It is something that even seasoned entrepreneurs and developers will find hard to replicate, let alone college students building it up within 15 days. No such thing exists yet worldwide.

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