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Social Shopping for Used Goods

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Team Summary

Rashmi R Padhy - Product/Growth - Product Guy, Community Manager, and Growth hacker
Btech, 10 yrs exp, 3rd Startup, SLP, Startup Chile, Raised money from US based Angels

Rohit Kumar - Tech - IIT KGP, 10 yrs exp, ex- TooStep, Naukri, MyParichay - Sr Tech Arch, CTO


Product/Service Summary

Users are moving away from the old traditional classifieds platform to more trusted and social platforms. Even with the likes of OLX and Quikr, many FB groups are growing rapidly globally.

Koove is riding on this change in user behavior and providing users with a social platform for buy/sell of people-2-people commerce (primarily used goods).

How are we different?

The traditional platforms lack trust. They are flocked by dealers and middle-men. This makes the user experience bad and many buyers are moving away from these platforms.

We are leveraging existing social networks, and building a layer of trust, and ratings. This helps the buyers to take an informed decision with confidence.

Product/Service Descriptions