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KrisMen was founded in 2013 with a vision to Shape India’s First Virtual Town. Our Trademark is GAMIFICATION through VALUE ADDED SERVICES.

Beta Launched

Startup Video



On our way creating a paradigm shift in the Online advertising through gaming



New Product Release

Launches the first 3D Racing Game from India on Play store. Alpha Version



New Product Release

The first Online 3D Multiplayer racing was launched on the Borwser Version.



Reaches 1000 registered users for browser and the App


New Product Release

Launched two successful e-Racing Events (on the Web) in 2014 and 2015. IP Game


New Product Release

Competive e-sport with IGAR (In Game Rewards and Recognition) Gaming + e-comm



New Product Release


New Product Release

Integrated Ad Serve gaming & Beta Release of First IP e-racing e-sport in India



New Product Release

Full Version of the Product Release. VAD through Gaming. First in India



Team Summary

Team profile (with LinkedIn links) and team member expertise

Naveen Menon:-

A vivid gamer by sunset saw an opportunity in the gaming industry when 2 Auto drivers raced against each other on a 150meter stretch and the 3rd One negotiating the Deal between the two. (First Spark). We love competition. We love to win. We love to play with Real people. We love Rewards and Recognition. (The Concept took shape). During the promotions of R&R Racing the pain with CPC CPM CPI etc. etc. etc. the huddle someone goes through with social media and their terms with no information provided not even the e-mail address lead to a path breaking innovation of Adserve Gaming. An innovative way of bidding for your Ad space was born.
Backed with 17 years’ of experience in the IT industry and working extensively in the areas of Information technologies, Customer service and Banking.

Currently responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans. Drive business development, support & manage individual team members to achieve targets & goals, take strategic business change decisions and also coordinate with other company officers, department heads to realize and achieve strategic changes, decisions and implementations. Lead the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy with a view to creating Shareholder value.

Ajit Krishnan:

Ajit has a total experience of 11 years in the IT industry. During this tenure, he has worked extensively in the areas of IT, Finance and Customer service. Ajit is a Founding member. Directs internal operations to achieve budgeted results and other financial criteria, and to preserve the capital funds invested in KrisMen Rennsport Pvt. Ltd. Participate in the development and preparation of short-term and long-range plans and budgets based upon broad organization goals and objectives. Insures that all activities and operations are performed in compliance with local, state, and laws governing business operations.

Aravind Kalgudi:

Aravind grew up in the humble African country of Zimbabwe and ever since an early age was always keen on computer games and development having made his first game in DOS at the early age of 13. After returning to India he pursued his engineering to further enhance his skills and had a mission to bring the exciting world of gaming into the country by developing unique, creative and highly polished games with an Indian twist which will be recognized around the world.

After a brief stint in the software industry with HP, he went on to work at Macle Grafics where he is responsible for all studio operations and game production. During his 6 years at Macle, Aravind has worked with and completed projects for many major clients like Snow City Bangalore, Accenture,

Macle Grafics Pvt Ltd

Macle Grafics is a design and animation company with an unique approach towards Animation, VFX, Web Designing & Development, Graphics Designing, Logo designing, SMS Solutions, SEO and IT Infrastructure Solution. We also embrace an innovative and consistent focus on Branding, Advertising, Strategy development and portfolio solutions for our clients.

Our approach to visual design goes beyond the graphical intelligence and seeks to integrate creative strategy, branding, usability and performance metrics into the design process. We harness our insight, commitment and expertise to explore new horizons in creativity and deliver future expectations.


Founding Team

Naveen Menon

Visionary Entrepreneur KrisMen Rennsport

Founder and CEO E-Racing Future of VIRTUAL e-Sport Competition Entertainment & Phen - o - Races. We Create Games with Value Added Services. KrisMen


KrisMen Rennsport Pvt Ltd (2013 - present)

KrisMen RennSport (2013 - present)

Product/Service Summary

Playing competitively is vastly different than playing on the couch with friends or by you.
E-sport/Gaming : Is fast catching up in India, and we are on course to being pioneers to host Online Gaming events (On Mobile).

Online Advertisement/Adserve Gaming : We Serve ADS to the age group (18-34) represents 32 percent of the gamers. The average age of the most frequent game buyer is 35, and 54 percent of these 35-year-old frequent game buyers are male.

E-com (Gaming and Electronic Products) : This unique link brings together two of the most successful industries (i.e. Gaming/e-sport and e-commerce) into one and brings about a new era where the norms of the e-com industries will be challenged

Online wallet (Payment/Virtual Money) : It has been witnessed across the globe, especially in developed economies that there has been a gradual switchover from the use of paper-based payments media to those based on electronics.

VR and AR: Work In Progress.

Product/Service Descriptions