Kya Banaau

  • Mumbai, India
  • Food & BeveragesFood, Social Network, SaaS, Mobile, E-commerce

It can help billions of people worldwide providing number of dishes at their fingertips.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

All the Co-founders are Bachelors in Computer Engineering and have a joint venture as software consultants developing software solutions founded in 2017 February.


Founding Team

Aftab Shakil Pangarkar


Neel Bhanushali


Zahid Saeed Surve


Product/Service Summary

Kya Banaau is a web and mobile enabled platform which aims at eliminating the daily struggle from everyone's life which is of deciding what to cook for every meal. The application comes bundled with almost all the raw food supplies required for making any
type of food like vegetables, chicken, spices etc. The user needs to update the personal inventory
with the items they have in the house and the rest work will be done by the application. It will
suggest the dishes and recipes which can be made using those ingredients. Even if you don’t know
how to cook the dishes, the recipes will also be provided to assist newbies and if the user has some
of their custom made recipes with them, can post it on the application to make it reach to one and
all. It will also include an in app store to buy the necessary products required for cooking such as
utensils to cook, cutleries etc. through which they can buy directly whatever they require without
any need to wander in different sites.

Product/Service Descriptions