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Kyrus enables companies to achieve Upto 80% productivity and bring Cost of Maintenance by 50%.

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Bangalore, India
1-3 years work experience

Job Description
a. Identify and Classify Target Customer/Audience. b. Good Spoken English c. Good presentation skill. d. Be Comfortable to use software tools for interaction with end user. e. Able to Present over power point or similar software. f. Clear knowledge Transfer of Benefits through presentation and proactive Interaction. g. Be comfortable to interact with manager level executives and decision makers h. Basic Content Marketing skills. i. Lead to Sale Skills – Negotiation, Gather Requirements and Identify key persons.

3. Role Description:

a. Understand Working principle of HR/ERP/Other Software Tools. b. Understand Different modules of software with features and benefits. c. Gather customer Requirements. d. Market the software to target group through F2F, Online Interaction. e. Create presentation in power point. f. Proactively approach target group and present the software. g. Generate leads and Prospects in the Target Group through Calls, referrals and network groups. h. Create and manage Quotations. i. Follow up with prospects post marketing. j. Create and enable marketing campaigns. k. Basic PR Activities. l. Assist in Sale.

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Product/Service Summary

Kyrus Technologies is a type of IT service company that provides server, network, and specialized applications to end users and organizations.

Smart Office Spaces
Virtualization and Cloud Technology
Managed IT Services
Unified Voice Platform
Value added Enterprise Product Reselling

Product/Service Descriptions