• Hyderabad, India
  • Food & Beverages, Platform, Consumer Internet, Location Based Services

Laalsa enables food lovers and restaurant managers to satisfy cravings at home or at the restaurants

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Team Summary

The team that is working on this has a vast expertise in building scalable enterprise technology solutions for clients across domains. We have been serving the technology sector with portals, tools and apps for over 15 years now.
We realised it's time to come out from the service phase and develop our own product. Hence Laalsa.


Founding Team

Deepak Kumar


Product/Service Summary

For a long time now business models have been developed around restaurants, small and big. From food ordering to delivery, POS support to Wifi services, centralised to cloud kitchens, etc.

It's time, restaurants had a direct impact support, so that they can cut their costs, manage their resources, plan the wastage of food, market their star dish/chef and of course, make more revenues. Laalsa helps to achieve all of that.

By a subscription model-approach, restaurants are given a plethora of features, that help them cut their costs by at least 16%-18%. While giving them all services they need. By virtue of creating Delivery Centres (DC's), Laalsa's own chain of fulfilment centres, it aims to manage about 40 restaurants at any given point.

Product/Service Descriptions